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About us

This website is about family relationships and raising children. Why do we call it Kids-in-the-Family?

Because we believe it is not possible to raise kids somewhere, outside the home.  A good upbringing full of love, is important to each child's life.  Adults should have a look

at their life first, establish positive relationships with their partner, and only then start focusing on bringing them up.

Info on the website is based on so-called "attachment parenting" and the family based raising of children.

Why is this style of parenting called a natural one?  It is based on responding to the baby's

needs, succeeded by Natural-breastfeeding, holding and bonding, growing deep emotional contact.

We learn to realise and evaluate our own parenting patterns and styles, learn to live with kids,

not for kids or without kids, when they are delegated to various specialists.

Obviously, we face challenges and mistakes. Do not throw up your hands and stop trying, the only one who is mistaken is the one who does nothing.

We believe that by diligent efforts, we will are repaid in full, by establishing loving, supportive families for our children.

We hope our materials could be useful to people of different parenting styles, approaches to life, etc.