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The team

Marina Ozerov, Israel

Lead Founder and Inspirator

I try to appreciate each day of life and enjoy each and every moment. Knowing the value of life, I can't underestimate the parents-child theme in everything I do.  I live in Israel, love to be with my family, enjoy our hot sun and walking through historical places.

Ida, 8 years, about me - Mother has black curly hair and green eyes. Mom watches after all of us. She can write books. She loves cats.  I like to plant flowers with her, play and hug, I show her my plays and performances and love it when she reads books to me for a long, long time.

Julia Bakhtina. Russia

Administrator and Courses Coordinator

I try to visit all sorts of places -  I enjoy going to the museums with the kids, taking folk classes, completing household duties and taking long walks with friends, riding bicycles, roller-skating, learning English with my eldest daughter and playing cars with younger son.

I have completed long-distance courses on the breastfeeding consultancy, read tons of book about kids psychology, healthy food, physical exercises etc., so believe that best part of all that is integrated into my everyday life.

Asya, 6 years - my Mom has grey eyes and a husband. She wears a watch, has long fingers.  She is very funny and energetic.  She likes to read and cross-stich.  She loves coffee and squashes.  She drinks water while the rest of the family  prefer milk.  I love to hug my Mom.




Ann Perepyolkina, Russia


I am a wife, housewife, mother of two daughters. I support the attachment parenting approach and raising children in a family- based environment.   I actively apply these principles in my everyday life.

In the past, I used to be a teacher, Soil-scientist and Microbiologist.  Now, besides household activities, bringing up my children, and taking care of the family, I  sew kids clothes and  sometimes womens’ clothing too, but very feminine looking.

About mother, by eldest daughter, Ulyana:

Her name is Anna. She sews. She takes classes and courses.  She uses the washing machine, dishwasher, cleans the house. She cooks broth, likes pears, pomelos, oranges, persimmons and watermelons.  She knows the countries on the map.  Anna studies on the computer, likes to use post it notes.  Mother cooks omelettes, cottage cheese pancakes and roasted potatoes.




Svetlana Ogneva, Bulgaria

Veterinarian Doctor, Biologist, Teacher

I am a vet doctor and mother to a little girl.  I live in a small Bulgarian town called Varna with my husband, daughter, dog and three cats.

When I was two and a half years old, I got lost in a wheat field, during the thunderstorm.  When I was found, I was holding a velvety calf.  Mother says that story predefined my future, as I have always known what to do in life as an adult.  I have always loved natural sciences, reading zoological and ethological books, doing experiments in biology and genetics.  Now I am teaching Biology and Chemistry to kids of different ages.  Those sciences are very interesting, especially when you devote enough time to the experimental parts.

About mother, 3 year old Kira:

"Mother-fish", when I'm taking a shower.

"Mother-cat", when I am sitting comfortably on the sofa and trying to work.

"Mother-sun", when it's time to wake up.


Alexandra Volokh, Germany

Mother of a happy daughter and sometimes design engineer.  I like to deal with images, translating whatever to 2D language. I live in a small town in Germany, spending freetime outside of my work and study time with my daughter, going rollerblading and cycling, exploring "our" forest. Like city tourism, short trips.  When I feel like staying at home, we draw and do handcrafts.

About Mama, by 7 year old Tanya:

Mother likes to draw, sew, she likes my handcrafts and opossums. We like to spend time together, walking in the forest, talking, playing, creating something.











Debora Kittel, Israel

I love to walk in the neighorhood in the evenings, soaking in the sound of  the birds singing, the children's voices while they play, the smell of meat cooking on a grill, the sound of Middle-Eastern music being played on the balconies and in the gardens.  I love to sing, write and teach, but most of all spend time with people.


It's my mom! - from Meytal

"My mother has green eyes, brown short hair, and likes to cook a lot. I too like to cook esepecially with my Mom!"